How to Choose A Rug?

How to Choose A Rug? 

The rugs are capable of adding elegance and stylishness to a room. Very different colors and patterns can destroy this elegance of the rug. The following steps can be followed to make the right decision when choosing rugs:

1. Decide The Size of The Rug

When buying rugs, be sure to measure the size of the area you think for rugs. Also, when measuring, consider the dimensions of nearby objects and the opening and closing of the door.

2. Learn Rug Features

When choosing rugs, learn about the materials made and the cleaning properties. Avoid excessive hairy and light colored rugs that hold too much stain.

3. Pay Attention to Colors

In the right environment, the beauty of the rug becomes more apparent. Therefore, it is a very accurate method to choose a rug that matches the color of the room and the furniture.

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